Bitcoin 2013 Party

This post originally appeared on May 18th, 2013

After the expo-room doors closed for the day and the Bitcoin Conference attendees filed out to their respective destinations last night, Tradehill extended a very generous invitation to important people and press to attend a cocktail party on the patio of the bar at the Hilton Hotel.

Tradehill has a talent for throwing parties.  Jered Kenna and his team host regular meetups in San Francisco, where the company is based, that bring out the big Bitcoin thinkers and movers from around the tech-savvy Bay Area and the cocktail party last night had a similar turnout and casual yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Cups and Cakes Bakery provided two giant-pink boxes filled with their delightful mini-cupcakes adorned with Bitcoins and Tradehill logos.  The deliciousness of the Jennifer’s cupcakes really cannot be overstated.  She was also  present and happy to report that Bitcoin sales at the bakery continue to increase at a pleasing rate.

Alcohol is somewhat ubiquitous at Bitcoin events.  Mycelium has a partnership with a brand of vodka, NEFT, which was being poured out of black and white oil-barrel containers (Neft is “oil” in Russian) and served as a sweet concoction called a Satoshini along with beer and wine at the conference reception.  The after-party included a full-bar with an attentive bartender who was pouring strong drinks for happy Bitcoiners with mouths full of cupcake.

The introductions and conversations that occur at Bitcoin meetups are priceless and inspiring.  Tradehill’s party invitees included many of the speakers and panelists that are participating in the events this weekend.  The exclusive chance to mingle with people who are working on fascinating projects and pick their brains in a casual and personal environment is an opportunity that’s not to be missed.  In the context of Bitcoin 2013, the personalities that are present expand the breadth of knowledge and ideas that are normally congregated in one place, away from the Internet.  It is very exciting to shake hands and socialize with people from all over the world who are building the economy and community that is the future.

A great deal of gratitude goes out to Tradehill for hosting the party.  As always, well done.

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