The Central European Bitcoin Expo (CEBE) is setting up to be one of the largest conferences to take place in Central Europe. Taking place in Vienna from May 31 to June 1, the expo will feature notable speakers from within the cryptocurrency space, which will provide insight into technology, international legislation and the future of virtual currency in Europe and abroad.

Recently added to the list of speakers for the event were Charlie Shrem and Richard Stallman. These two virtual currency advocates will be joined by the already extensive list of speakers to be featured at the expo including, Dan Held, Adam Vaziri, David Johnson, Kingsley Edwards, Vitalik Buterin and many more.

Charlie Shrem is Co-Founder and partner of BitInstant and has not stopped advocating Bitcoin even after his arrest in New York City for money laundering. Charlie recently spoke via internet web conference at the Texas Bitcoin Conference, and will do the same during the Central European Bitcoin Expo. “I’m really excited to be speaking at the CEBE. Vienna is my favorite city in the world, and one of the first major Bitcoin hubs I visited back in 2011,” Shrem stated. “The Expo has some amazing speakers and visionaries like Richard Stallman and Dr. Stephanie Murphy.”

Known freedom campaigner and President of the Free Software Foundation Richard Stallman will also be speaking at the Expo. Stallman is a software developer, computer programmer and free software activist. He has been involved in political advocacy for free software and user freedom, campaigning against software patents and the extension of copyright laws since the mid-90s. During the Central European Bitcoin Expo Stallman will be speaking about software freedom, while others featured at the event will speak about finance and economic issues regarding the use of virtual currency, mining, challenges and the future outlook of Bitcoin.


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