When it comes to mining, most people tend to focus on the hardware: how fast it is and how long until it becomes obsolete. As mining operations get larger and difficulty increases with ever faster hash rates, the ability to manage your operation becomes a more difficult task. Small adjustments to hardware or the ability to quickly switch pools can make a huge difference in profitability. Enter CoinMyne, the creators of the popular CGRemote and CGWatcher mining monitoring software.

CoinMyne is a Los Angeles-based software company founded by CEO Mark Price and COO Scott McCarthy. In January they hired Justin Milone, the original creator of CGRemote and CGWatcher, as their VP of Software Development. Currently CoinMyne software has over 100,000 users and covers a large percentage of the mining community.

CoinMyne’s software gives miners the flexibility to monitor and manage their operations remotely. The CGWatcher application provides monitoring and scheduling features to watch for and automatically correct problems to minimize downtime. It provides tools to simplify miner configuration, making it easier for beginners and advanced users alike to manage the growing collections of pools, coins, and config files. CGRemote provides similar functionality, but allows you to remotely manage multiple miners in one place regardless of where the miners are located. It can eliminate the need for remote desktop software by offering a remote file explorer, text editor, and task manager, among other features. Currently the development team at CoinMyne is moving CGRemote to the cloud, where all of these powerful features will be available from any web browser or mobile phone.

With ever-increasing hashing power and new ASICs being introduced all the time, it is important that all miners – from the hobbyist to the large-scale enterprise – utilize such software to keep a competitive edge.

Mark states, “We are currently working with hardware manufactures, hosting facilities, contract mining providers, and pool operators to provide mining software solutions to a larger audience. Our cloud-based platform will allow for greater flexibility and offer powerful capabilities for operations both large and small.”

Mark envisions a scenario where CoinMyne’s software is both bundled with mining hardware and offered by pool operators, giving these companies a competitive advantage and offering their customers powerful features. Their software is already being used by hosted mining facilities and cloud-based mining rental providers to allow users secure remote access to their machines. This extra incentive can help encourage a customer to choose a particular hardware solution, mining pool, or hosting company, and in turn can justify higher fees or costs paid by end users.

The scale of CoinMyne’s current customer base allows them to offer valuable analytic data to partner companies and their users. This data can greatly help hardware manufacturers map out efficiencies with hardware, tracking uptime and downtime, overheating, hashing rate, and more.

“Our large user base provides a great sample size for mining in general. With the ability to look at all of these miners and collect hardware information, performance statistics, and configurations, then present this data to the community saying “This is the configuration that should work best for your particular hardware… and we know this because we’ve compared it to thousands of others and found that this produced the best hash rate or utility rate for the devices you have.” This is one of the many projects we’re working on in order to be a positive influence in the mining community”, Mark added.

CoinMyne’s software can also be set to take advantage of coin price volatility and switch to the most profitable coin automatically. This is already helping miners get the highest return on their investment, and even allows the user to define their own formula for determining profitability. CGWatcher and CGRemote give users the versatility to run CGMiner, BFGMiner, SGMiner, VertMiner, or any other CGMiner fork, allowing users to continue using the miner that works best for them. CGRemote, the newer of the two programs, works with miners on any operating system, while CGWatcher is currently only available for Windows. Providing all of their software to all platforms and operating systems is a priority and is already something they’re spending a lot of time working on. For CoinMyne it is not just about making mining more profitable, but making it easier and more accessible.

To try CoinMyne’s software visit where CGWatcher can be downloaded for FREE. You can also purchase CGRemote there (still in beta) for $25, which also gets you the software for free once it’s released, using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, or PayPal.

For enterprise solutions or other questions contact Scott McCarthy.

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