EBTcoin released today on Youtube and Vimeo, its first marketing video. Entitled “Unicorn”, it shows an unusual 50 EBT transaction between a suspect dealer and a guy standing on a wall.

EBTcoin team also takes the chance to presents its new logo in the commercial, chosen by voting on a Bitcointalk thread.

EBTcoin logo

For now the video is available in English only, but very soon Portuguese and Spanish subtitles will be added, thus helping to spread the word about EBTcoin.

Here is the video:

Click here to view the embedded video.

EBTcoin ad

The video informs an EBT address to order the mythic animal, and, of couse, we’ve bought one! After all, Unicorns are like Horses… But BETTER!

Furhter news after I receive mine!

More about EBT here.

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