After the adoption of the Bitcoin as payment for e-retailing giants, like Overstock and TigerDirect, now it is time for a giant of service industry, Fiverr, to accept digital currency as a form or payment.


For those who do not know, Fiverr is a portal the offers several online services for a starting price of $5.00 -a fiver, hence the company’s name. Users register on the site and, after filling out a profile, can advertise their services – or Gigs – ranging from graphic and audiovisual jobs to programming, marketing, virtual assistants, among many others.

Through a partnership with Coinbase, one of the largest web wallets, the Gigs can now be purchased in BTC.

Fiverr accepts BTC via Coinbase

To process payment, the buyer is redirected to Coinbase, where the transaction is concluded. Interesting to note that, despite receiving in BTC, Fiverr does not pay its merchants in bitcoins, keeping the payment only in USD. We leave it with the tip so that they fix this issue.


Overall, this is a great initiative because it opens doors for other strong altcoins, as Litecoin (LTC) and Franko (FRK) to be adopted by companies of all sizes – both inside and outside the internet – and to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency by other giants, like Ebay.

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