I was recently introduced to a group of people who advocate a simple yet profound idea, “Follow Your Yes”. This is an idea that has changed my worldview in many ways. You see, I have spent many years of my life saying “no”. I rallied against the war, I testified against Big Brother, I gave angry speechenezs about ending the Federal Reserve Banking System. Basically, I raged against the police state through my activism yelling “NO” at the world. I spent so much time trying to stop something that I had failed to really start anything.
Chicago End the Fed Rally, Lots of “stop this and “say no””:

The realization that I was trapped by my Nos inspired me to make different choices. This was almost five years ago. At the time I did not know there was a movement of people advocating to follow your Yes, yet I stumbled on my Yes none the less.

I decided to start gardening, raise sovereign children, and most importantly use alternative currencies. At first I had no clue about Bitcoin, but I was very well aware of the use of Silver as a means of barter and exchange. After giving five End the Fed speeches in three different states, I finally realized that saying “End the Fed(eral Reserve Banking System)” was ineffective. It was time to start saying “Yes” to something new, something better.

The next time I gave a speech at an End the Fed rally, I decided to deliver a different message. This time, I delivered a message of empowerment. On the lawn outside the Houston Federal Reserve Bank, I told the audience how my family had built a directory of businesses (Black and Yellow Pages) that accept silver. We built this directory by bringing silver with us to our favorite shops and farmers market vendors. Nearly every single person we approached said “Yes” to accepting this alternative currency, and those who said “No”, usually said “Maybe someday”.

You can watch the video of the Houston End the Fed Rally here:

Several years later I became aware of Bitcoin and slowly began adopting it into my life. These days we bring in more BTC than FRNs and spend more BTC than FRNs. It has been extremely empowering to follow our Yes when it comes to alternative currencies.

Saying YES to alternative currencies has allowed my family to thrive in ways it could not previously. We found through barter we were able to provide ourselves with a higher quality of product than we could afford with cash. This included massage work, photography, organic farmers market foods and more!

This spiraled into many other YESes and now my family is part of an amazing sustainability community that is centered around the 501(c)3 nonprofit called the Center for Natural Living ( There is even a documentary style reality show about our journey called Sovereign Living ( My health has improved from the better food and more time spent outside in the garden. People take note and ask how they can get involved. By following my YES I have brought more people to good food and ethical money than I ever did saying NO to the things I found wrong!

Follow your Yes. Such a simple concept, but relatively unknown in today’s world. I was inspired to write this article when I stumbled on a website documenting the journey of a group of Yes seekers. The Travel by Yes ( team is on a slow travel journey across the globe, teaching others the beauty of “conscious play”. I don’t have the same Yes that they have, but they definitely inspired me to follow my Yes more closely. I am amazed by the benefits I have found through following my Yes instead of chasing Nos. I am prepared to utilize this concept to its fullest extent by following my Yes in all areas of my life, not just Bitcoin!
What is your “yes”?

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