There is a new Bitcoin-related project set to be developed in France that is creating a buzz in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The first European physical Bitcoin Center might be a reality soon.

La Maison du Bitcoin, which means “The House of Bitcoin”, is scheduled to open in the heart of Paris on May 13th. The center – a 220 square meter space equipped with a business accelerator, mining structure and Bitcoin ATM – hopes to encourage the crypto-movement in France. It also plans to host the local Bitcoin meetups.

La Maison du Bitcoin is a physical space in the heart of Paris dedicated to Bitcoin and its protocol, which aims to foster the emergence and development of ambitious projects in the field.

Regarding the mining structure, the space, located in the number 35 of the Rue du Caire, will feature an SHA56/Scrypt Bitcoin mining machine, according to BitcoinVox.com.

The space will be managed by the founders of Prixing and Flink, Thomas France and Eric Larcheveque, whose interest in Bitcoin has been growing for the last year.

450px-Rue_Reaumur_51-2Monoprix and Bitcoin-Central

However, there is more good news coming from France. Besides the creation of this Bitcoin center, the well-known French supermarket chain Monoprix, owned by Casino Guichard, is thinking about accepting cryptocurrency as an online payment option.

The brand’s e-commerce director, Patrick Oualid, announced in a recent interview that “Monoprix may accept Bitcoin payments on its e-commerce website this year”.

This means the French Bitcoiners could start using their digital money to pay for groceries and other goods online. But there is more: the retailer is also working in order to allow its customers to pay with Bitcoins in all Monoprix stores, Qualid added.

Besides, the French government has also allowed the BTC/Euro exchange Bitcoin-Central to operate similarly to a bank. The exchange, owned by the parent company Paymium, plans to offer legitimate Bitcoin accounts thanks to a partnership with the financial firm Aqoba.

According to the company, “each customer account is linked to a payment account held for you by a licensed payment institution partner: you send euros to an account owned by you to purchase Bitcoins. Your withdraw requests are transmitted directly to our payment institution partner”.

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