Bojan Simic, the founder of the Bitcoin Security Project, has released a new, free, and open source bitcoin wallet for Android called Aegis Wallet.

The wallet supports multiple currencies and provides the user with the ability to view their transactions and addresses on the bitcoin blockchain.

Aegis Wallet allows you to encrypt your wallet. If  someone were to get a hold of your Android phone it will be impossible for them to take your bitcoins. All you would have to do is get another phone, import a backup from your email, and go on about your sweet life.

“We have Designed Aegis for security from the ground up,” says Bojan. “The Aegis wallet,” he adds, “is developed using the highest standards in the fields of cryptography and information security. We utilize proven security algorithms and protocols. Moreover, our team leverages years of knowledge and experience in software development and security to deliver you a first class application and user experience.”

In addition, Aegis wallet also allows you to encrypt your wallet with a password or an NFC tag that is small enough to fit on a keychain that can be used to authorize the sending of bitcoin from your wallet. If your device supports NFC, you simply tap the NFC tag to your device whenever you want to move your bitcoins.Screenshot_2014-06-11-16-40-56

“My hope for the Aegis Wallet is that Bitcoin users can have a wallet to use that they can rely on for both usability and security,” says Bojan. “If used as intended, the wallet can provide users with peace of mind that their money is safe in the event of loss, theft, or malware. We think this is much more important than in traditional payment systems such as credit cards because bitcoin transactions are not reversible.”

If a user forgets a password or loses their NFC tag, the Bitcoin Security Project may be able to help the user recover their funds with a encrypted backup file provided by the user. Other bitcoin wallets are unable to do this.

I have downloaded the wallet, and have found it to be extremely easy to use and quick. After downloading the app,  it requests for you to enter a strong password or to tap NFC device. Next, the app asks if you want to backup your wallet. After choosing yes or no, you’re ready to use the wallet. Enjoy!

The security standards on the wallet follow those created by the Bitcoin Security Project. As more and more people adopt bitcoin, it will be of the utmost importance that they secure their funds, even if they don’t know what encryption is.  I see Aegis wallet as an important contribution to the Wallet space because of its strong security standards. It also helps that the user interface looks pretty cool.

Download Aegis Wallet for Android here.


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