Tatiana is Our New Sales Director

In the 6th year and 7th month After Decentralization (AD), the noble Queen Tatiana has decided to augment her career as a roaming minstrel with the responsibilities of the throne of the Sales Director for Bitcoin Magazine.

She steps in as our former Queen Elizabeth has moved on to the realm of BitPay after a fine reign.

When her royalty, Tatiana, was probed about this news she gathered all in the Bitcoin Castle to her throne room and joyously proclaimed:

“I couldn’t be more excited to join the team at Bitcoin Magazine!  Media has always been a passion of mine, and to couple my love of music, culture, and cryptography is a dream come true!  This is a wonderful opportunity to share this technology in a way that fosters a greater understanding and appreciation of Bitcoin. I love how diverse the team is, and how the magazine has something for everyone!  In addition to expanding the readership, I hope to offer advertisers new and innovative ways to educated consumers about their projects.”

She requests that all letters related to advertising be sent to her new address:

Tatiana has already made her mark and has chosen a very fun theme for the next issue.


Pay What You Want

Our former editor and current webmaster have wanted to implement a pay-what-you-want (PWYW) system for quite some time now. And I’m pleased to announce that is available! Some of you more adept users have already started using it!

PWYW is currently available for our first 10 issues. This is vintage Bitcoin Magazine people! While we have listed a suggested price, you are free to pay whatever the hell you want.


Issue 21: Bitcoin & Art

Issue 21 is now available! We have released some posts from the issue, but there is a lot of content that deviates from our previous subject matter and focuses more on how artists are using Bitcoin. Speaking of artists, we had the gifted Alexander from CryptoArt make our cover and boy is it beautiful… with an end-of-the-world feel! What is also beautiful is you have the ability to tip Alexander without even buying the magazine! We’ve included his public address on our cover.

We’ve gotten a lot of messages with concern over the amount of time it took to get this issue and other issues out this year. I will tell you now that we are doing everything in our power to analyze our internal workflow and be more efficient. We were 1 or 2 issues late when I started as Editor-In-Chief and it’s my goal to get back on track.

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