July 2, 2014 Contact:

John Bush, Uncoinventional Tour
(512) 773-6102

Nikhil Chand, Founder, CoinNEO
(216) 202-0423

“Uncoinventional” Family on Bitcoin Only Cross Country Tour to Visit Ohio’s Bitcoin Boulevard

A family of four has finished their first two weeks of Bitcoin-only travel. Tonight they will arrive in Cleveland Heights, OH to shop and eat at Bitcoin friendly establishments on Bitcoin Boulevard (www.bitcoinboulevard.us).

The founder of Bitcoin Boulevard US, Nikhil Chand, says “Attracting Bitcoin tourism is one of our primary goals for Bitcoin Boulevard US, especially for travelers driving through Cleveland via I-90. We are delighted to host Catherine and John’s family during their journey across the US, and are sure they will have a warm and welcoming reception here in Cleveland Heights.”

The group plans to dine at the Tavern Company (www.thetaverncompany.com) followed by dessert at Sweet Fry (www.sweetfry.com). The Blush Family will be available for interviews with the media Wednesday July 2nd from 8 to 9pm on the Bitcoin Boulevard.  Media is welcome to join the meal with RSVP. Questions can be answered via telephone as they drive from New York.

John Bush and Catherine Bleish, the stars of the Sovereign Living (www.sovereignliving.tv) reality show, began their journey of 4,400 miles in San Marcos, Texas where Bush broadcasts his widely followed Bitcoin Podcast SovereignBTC (www.sovereignbtc.com).

Bleish says she is “excited to test the practicality of Bitcoin-only travel”.

During the journey they have purchased gasoline, food and hotels with BTC. The so called “Blush Family” used the service CoinFueled (www.coinfueled.com) to purchase gasoline gift cards with bitcoin. Most of their food purchases were through a gift card service called Gyft (www.gyft.com) that has allowed them to eat at places like Whole Foods and Applebee’s on BTC. For hotels they have used Gyft, Expedia and CheapAir with varying results.

Their only unexpected obstacle to date has been the toll roads in New York.

Despite their use of the Federal Reserve Note on tolls, the family feels the trip has been a smash success. “This has been an experiment in Bitcoin-only travel and we have learned many lessons along the way,” says Bleish. “Next time we know to find a proxy for an EZPass.”

One of the goals of their trip is to encourage greater use and adoption of Bitcoin. According to Bush, “the trip has been a great success so far. We are excited to visit Bitcoin Boulevard, a location that is really leading the way when it comes to Bitcoin adoption. We hope that by visiting this area and sharing our experience with the world, we can inspire more business districts to follow suit.”

Bleish has kept a live blog on Bitcoin Magazine to document the experimental adventure. You can follow their successes and failures at uncoinventional.com.

Significant stops along their journey include:

– BitPay (www.bitpay.com) headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia
– Blue Ridge Liberty Project (www.blueridgelibertyproject.org) located in Asheville, North Carolina
– Bitcoin in the Beltway conference (www.bitcoinbeltway.com) in Washington DC
– NYC Bitcoin Club, Brooklyn Holiday Inn BTC Pilot Program
– Porcupine Freedom Festival in New Hampshire (www.porcfest.com)

Future stops include:
– Bitcoin Boulevard in Cleveland Heights,  OH
– Kansas City Bitcoin Club

More information on Bitcoin Boulevard can be found via: http://bitcoinboulevard.us/lee-road-businesses-embrace-digital-currency-bitcoin-boulevard-us/

Sovereign Living is a project of the Center for Natural Living, a Texas based 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to “Demonstrate the value of voluntary cooperation and natural living in the areas of sustainability, family, and health by creating educational media and helping families to fulfill their basic needs”. www.centerfornaturalliving.org


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