Although it seems like eons ago, I remember jumping on twitter and posting several mocking and nutty tweets under #WeAreSatoshi in response to Newsweek’s false claim that they had found Satoshi. Yes, Satoshi is in the shadows, but we are the living and breathing tokens of this brilliant currency. We as a community still have so many folks to liberate and help cut out systems that are centuries old to usher in a currency that is for the global community.

I thought I would revisit #WeAreSatoshi and post some eye catching highlights.

#WeAreSatoshi campaign via @thebitcoinwife and @bitcoinstarter. Change your Twitter name to WE ARE SATOSHI to show your support #bitcoin

— Mrs P TheBitcoinWife (@TheBitcoinWife) March 6, 2014

#WeAreSatoshi @COINFIRMA @coindesk @coinbase @TheBitcoinWife @TheRyanFelton – WE ARE SATOSHI. One Community, One Currency, One World

— TheBitcoinGirl (@TheBitcoinGirl) March 6, 2014

Bitcoin has never and will never be about an individual. #wearesatoshi — Coin Market (@coinmkt) March 6, 2014

Almost to 10 BTC already for Dorian, what a beautiful community we have. https://t.co/DtZ37ne4z2 #WeAreSatoshi #bitcoin

— Mrs P TheBitcoinWife (@TheBitcoinWife) March 7, 2014

@CharlieShrem Brilliant! #bitcoin #wearesatoshi — BitcoinStarter (@BitcoinStarter) March 7, 2014

Here’s a screenshot of the game Charlie Shrem created. It is a floating Dorian Nakamoto head nodding through Bitcoin barriers flappy bird style. Charlie, what will you come up with next? :)

Satoshi IM game by Charlie Shrem

Satoshi IM game by Charlie Shrem

While the article might have been wrong, death threats are wronger. #bitcoin #WeAreSatoshi #SatoshiNakamoto

— Ai Kordek (@aikordek) March 6, 2014

#WeAreSatoshi Coin opens trading at 0.00000011 BTC. – https://t.co/oTxF1nii3G [PIC] pic.twitter.com/nMp2L7LFaM — Donkey Koin (@DonkeyKoin) March 18, 2014

TIL there is now a WeAreSatoshi Coin.

Our latest issue is a reminder that we all share in Satoshi’s identity as we use his creation. Anyone who has received a tip, spent, or bought Bitcoins is helping Satoshi’s dream live on.


I met Sebuh through my buddy Sovereign Curtis of Bitcoin Bigfoot, and Sebuh is one crazy Bitcoiner. He is still dealing Bitcoin miners even though the difficulty has crossed the 8 billion mark!!!

And crazy Sebuh just went berzerk. He is offering a sweet package of 2 USB miners, 1 silver ounce coin pressed with the Bitcoin symbol, and our latest issue (#WeAreSatoshi/Issue 20) for $99.99 bucks! There are only 9 bundles like this left! I already have Issue 20, but this deal has me wondering if I should snag a second copy “just in case”.

If you can’t tell, we love seeing creative grassroots bundling of our magazine and your product. If you want to do something similar with your Bitcoin product or a product like Bitcoin t-shirts, alpaca socks, or hand made wallets, we can help! :) Shoot an email to help@bitcoinmagazine.com.

Sebuh, we love your spirit! Bitcoiners we love you too. Enjoy this privilege to spend a digital currency like no other generation in history has spent before. And grab a copy of our latest issue!!!

Part of the feature image is from HAKKI ARSLAN of shutterstock

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