At least two clients have already filed complaints with the police in Cyprus against the Bitcoin company Neo & Bee. The local authorities are currently investigating the alleged fraud, while the company’s CEO Danny Brewster is still missing. 

The complaints were filed earlier this week, according to an article published by the Cyprus Mail, which also reveals that the victims paid  €20,000 and €15,000 to Neo & Bee, but never received their Bitcoins.

Cyprus Mail

Cyprus Mail

The Cyprian newspaper quotes a police office, who adds that the authorities are considering taking depositions from other people involved in the case.

Danny Brewster is allegedly missing due to threats made against his family, which he claimed to have reported to the police. “Following those posts on the forum, I received direct threats targeted directly at my daughter, they have been reported to the relevant authorities, Once those threats were made I took the advice to remain outside of Cyprus and remove contact with anyone that could be responsible for the threats, this included not speaking with members of staff that could be responsible”, revealed an online post written by Neo & Bee’s director.

Brewster initially announced he left the island on a ”short-term temporary basis” to raise a new round of investment for the company. Nevertheless, he now says he changed his mind when threats were made against his daughter. At that point, he decided to remain out of the country and to leave the company.

“Every single Bitcoin raised and spent is accounted for, any claims of embezzlement are nothing but empty claims with no foundation”, Brewster added, quoted by the Cyprus Mail.

Still, both the customers and the authorities might have reasons to be suspicious due to the fact that the company’s head office in Nicosia is now deserted. Nobody is currently working at the Cyprus-based office, since all the employees left the company without receiving their March wages.

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