The world’s second-largest Bitcoin exchange, BTC-e, suspended trading this Sunday (14) for brief instants after its servers suffered a strong DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack. 

To avoid any speculation – especially after the Mt. Gox and Neo & Bee cases -, the exchange quickly confirmed the attack and dismissed all rumours.

BTC-e published an announcement on Twitter simply saying “DDoS attack on our server”. That is actually the last tweet on the exchange’s profile.

“Our networking team responded quickly and it is fixing the problem. We don’t consider it as an important problem, as there is a workaround to fix it quickly”, a representative of the company told Coindesk. According to the exchange, this type of attack is quite frequent and easily resolved depending on certain circumstances.

Not long after the announcement, BTC-e was back to normal with over 4,000 users online. Although the exchange is still managed by an anonymous team of Eastern European developers, that apparently is not a problem for the company’s clients.


The price of Bitcoin doesn’t seem to have been affected by the minor problem. Each digital coin was worth near $500 at the time of writing and according to BTC-e’s current exchange rate. This means that Bitcoin’s value grew $100 in less than two days.

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