We, PacificHashing.com, one of the world leading Bitcoin Cloud Mining Service Provider, just be reviewed by the authoritative digital currency news portal : http://www.Cointelegraph.com

When it comes to engaging in Bitcoin cloudmining, there has been a lot of hype but little entry-level information generated for the average user.

As the concept of mining Bitcoin becomes more and more well-known as a concept, many more consumers are looking into the idea. However, with difficulty at its current level, the expense associated with hardware purchasing, as well as the mining process itself, is off-putting, and so cloudmining is becoming the natural choice for many new parties today.

The infrastructure surrounding mining, especially hardware manufacturers and mining pool operators, has received mixed publicity in recent times. With this in mind, CoinTelegraph sought to deliver a review of the major cloudmining providers on the market today, presenting all the relevant information necessary to aid users in their choice.

Nine companies are under review: Pacific Hashing, CEX.IO, Genesis Mining, PB Mining, Eobot, MineOnCloud, BitcoinCloudMining .com, Cloudhashing, and Cointerra Mining.

Information gathered by CoinTelegraph concentrates on specific areas including legality, security infrastructure and experience, as well as regional usage where given. The last parameter is important to consider, as a provider whose audience is based in a country different to that in which it is registered must consider the legal implications of operations in both countries.

The scores themselves will be used for each area to determine the overall highest placed provider.




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