What is PacificHashing.com?

Pacific Hashing is an easy and safe way to purchase Bitcoin / SHA-256 hashpower without having to deal with the hardware and software setups and configuration. We are a team of mining experts with thorough knowledge in the digital currency sector. Pacific Hashing specializes in building the most efficient and reliable mining rigs that you can rent. Plus, we have experts for cooling and maintaining data centers. 
How can I pay?

You can pay your mining contract with Creditcards, Paypal or Bitcoins.
Your pricing is in which currency?

All our pricing is in USD.
Do you accept PayPal or Credit Cards?

Yes we welcome you use Paypal for payment. If you already have an existing PayPal account, make sure to select PayPal as your payment option during checkout. If you do not have a PayPal account, Sign Up for PayPal Now
Can I pay with cash or check?

Yes, only in our customer center in Hong Kong. If you pay by check your mining contract will be activated once the check clears. Please book an appointment prior to arrival.
Where can I get Bitcoins?

https://localbitcoins.com is a great site to exchange Bitcoin worldwide.
Or in Asia, we always advice by using ANXPRO http://anxpro.com/
Why should I order now?

Contracts are limited in number and also consider the rising difficulty. Order now to avoid disappointment.
When will my mining session is will be started?

Mining session will be started within 96 hours after paid if PAID BY BITCOIN, and within 14 days after paid if PAID BY PAYPAL or CREDITCARD, so that we could take more time to secure your new miner is 100% in function.
I want to get a refund on my order. Is it possible?

For yearly mining contract, the customer has the right to cancel this service and receive a full refund within 7 days upon paying the order, no questions asked. After 7 days the payment will not be refundable. We’ll deduct the Bitcoin mined during the period prior to the cancellation from the amount being refunded. Refunds are processed in US dollars.
How are the payouts handled?

Unlike our competitors we don’t force you into a specific mining pool. There are some private and public mining pools. You can sign up for any public mining pool through the pool’s website. Every pool has its advantages and disadvantages.

Here is a table of comparison.  https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Comparison_of_mining_pools

•We normally suggest customer uses Eligius Mining pool – http://eligius.st/ , but you could still provide your other Pool Mining URL and Port (e.g. BTCGuild, etc), FYI, if you use Eligius, no worker or password are needed for mining, just provide us your Bitcoin address, like 17JkL94B2ngJg4QQZuiozDQjnxXB6B7yTc

Once you choose the pool or the pools you want to work with they’ll provide you with logging information that you’ll include in the dashboard we’ll set up for you. With a single contract you can aim the hashing power to different pools.

Please copy and paste the below information when ordering to us:
Chose Eligius Mining pool : YES/NO
Bitcoin Address :
If other mining Pool is chosen…..
Mining pool’s URL and port. :
Worker username :
Worker password :

Every pool has their fees and policies. Payouts are handled by the mining pools. Some pools charge you a fee that goes from 0 – 3.5%.

We like to give our customers the freedom to choose their mining pools.

How many Bitcoins will I get? What is my expected return on investment?

Bitcoin Mining depends highly on the prices and difficulties of the coins you mine!

Here is a concrete example:
By the time of updated writing (12.5.2014) the daily profit of Bitcoin for 3Th/s is 82 USD per day. The costs for a one year Platinum Contract is 14,999 USD. Assuming a constant price and difficulty you would already break even after 14,999/82 = 183 days and would have the rest of the 365 days of pure profit! It is important to note that the difficulty as well as the price will in fact vary a lot. They can go up or down. Although the difficulty will likely increase people who are bullish on crypto currencies expect higher prices which will increase the profitability even more.

How fast will I start mining?

Your mining session will be started at the 4th week after you paid, so we use the next 1-2 mining difficulty for pricing, that’s why the price could be cheapest, and take more time to secure your new miner is 100% in function. Before your mining contract starts, you’ll receive email with the time schedule, so please reply the mail providing your pool & worker information.
Can I extend my contract?

Yes, you can always add new contracts to your account (if available).
How long have you been operating for?

We’ve been privately mining since 2011, but start from 2012 decided to offer mining services to the public.
Do you have minimum or maximum order?

You can place your order with any quantity available from 1Th/s to 30TH/s.
Why don’t you mine and keep the profits? Can you explain your business model?

With the contract fees we invest in brand new hardware (we are building hardware everyday). You’ll mine for the duration of the contract (from 1 day trial to year plan) and we’ll mine for ourselves or resell the hashing power after your contract expires. It’s a win win business model.

Where is your mining farm located?

For security concerns we do not disclose the exact location of our mining farms. As of May 2014 we operate three farms, that are located, 2 farms in Hong Kong, 1 in China. Electricity and availability of cooling are important (but not the only) criteria.
What coins do I mine?

You will be able to mine various Bitcoin/Altcoins you desire starting with Bitcoin and other SHA-256 Coin! FYI, here is the list of all SHA-256 @ 2014 April : –

Bitcoin(BTC), amkoin(AMK), arkhash(ARK), AsicCoin(ASC), battlecoin(BCX), ben(BEN), Betacoin(BET), bonuscoin(BNS), bitpeso(BTP), coin2(C2), cryptoeagle(CREA), continuumcoin(CTM), dem(DEM), devcoin(DVC), ferengicoin(FER), FireFlyCoin(FFC), freicoin(FRC), fastcoinsha(FSS), hongkongcoin(HKC), IXCoin(IXC), cryptoloot(LOOT), mazacoin(MZC), Namecoin(NMC), orobit(ORO), OpenSourceCoin(OSC), pmc(PMC), PPCoin(PPC), ptcoin(PT), pwnycoin(PWNY), scotcoin(SCOT), shacoinnew(SHA), speedcoin(SPC), STLcoin(STL), takicoin(TAK), teacoin(TEA), Tekcoin(TEK), Tigercoin(TGC), terracoin(TRC), unbreakablecoin(UNB), Unobtanium(UNO), version(V), wearesatoshi(WAS), Joulecoin(XJO), creds(XXC), Zetacoin(ZET), zimstake(ZS).

How can I reach you if I have further questions?

Customer support is our highest priority! We know how important it is for a potential investor to find answers to his yet unanswered questions, as making decisions is not only about having a good gut feeling but also about understanding the business concept in its very detail and entirety. Therefore, please contact us any time by clicking the realtime receptionist chat icon at bottom right corner or email at info@PacificHashing.com and we get back to you shortly. We hope to hear from you.
I don’t have any experience in mining bitcoin, can I use your services?

Our support team is available 24/7 (via online chat system) and will guide you in every part of the mining work.