What was once the location of New York City’s largest pushcart market at the turn of the century has become one of the most popular street markets on the Lower East Side, known as the Hester Street Fair. In earlier times, the fair started out as a highly curated outdoor market and was the best place to get one-of-a-kind goods and specialty foods in all of New York City. Fast forward to today, and the Hester Street Fair offers everything from handmade jewelry and rare vintage pieces, to wood fire pizza and lobster rolls. The fair features artists, collectors and entrepreneurs every Saturday and Sunday from April 26 to October 26.

Taking place on the corner of Hester and Essex, over 30 select merchants are now proudly accepting Bitcoin. Through a partnership with BitPay, many of the fair’s vendors are accepting Bitcoin in the hopes of attracting a younger and more tech-savvy demographic that attends the fair. Starting on June 15th, and taking place every Sunday until the end of October, vendors will be able to sell their artisan goods for Bitcoin, just in time for a last minute Father’s Day gift. Also sponsoring the “Bitcoin Fair” are Xubicle, APIcoin.io and yBitcoin.

On June 15, tech enthusiasts and Bitcoin companies will come together for the world’s first ever weekly Bitcoin fair. Among the over 30 vendors accepting Bitcoin include: Rosette, Bitcoin Center NYC, Bones and Jones, Fritter, Delicate Raymond Jewelry Bar, HEISEL, La Poubelle Vintage and many more. Attendees will even be able to purchase the latest copy of Bitcoin Magazine as well. Also taking place will be an after party and meetup in celebration of New York City’s first Bitcoin fair. Starting at 4pm, a Bitcoin meetup will be held at the Xubicle office and will attract both the newest and most experienced cryptocurrency users. Following the meetup, attendees can visit Rosette, a Lower East Side hot spot for good food and drink specials for those paying with bitcoin.

In recent months, we have seen bitcoin strike increasing interest from brick-and-mortar retailers across the nation. Hester Street Fair is yet another example of how digital currency has excited local businesses and customers.

The magnitude of Hester Street Fair is growing each year, with more vendors and attendees stopping by each weekend for locally created food, clothing and art. With the addition of bitcoin, the fair will surely see increased attendance and interest from tech-savvy individuals, and will create an exciting buzz for weekend warriors across New York City. In fact, the fair just opened the “Hester Street Fair Promenade,” which attests to its continued growth. This stretch of space along Seward Park contains ample seating and over 28 new vendors.

If you find yourself in the Lower East Side of NYC from now to the end of October, be sure to stop by the Hester Street Fair and get your fix of delicious food, unique clothing, jewelry and art, all locally created in New York City. Before you arrive, be sure to load up your Bitcoin wallet – you will need it.


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