Following the recent presentation of the first BitLicense draft, the Bitcoin-related set of rules that will regulate the crypto-economy in New York, the local exchange Coinsetter announced its evolution from beta stage to “full US Bitcoin exchange”.

“Today, we’re pleased to announce that our full-featured Bitcoin exchange is officially out of beta. The Bitcoin space has matured rapidly over the past two years of our company’s history, and the platform we offer has grown along with it”, reads the company’s website.

The exchange now guarantees a full-featured, institutional-class Bitcoin service that can execute transactions in just 40 milliseconds. With the end of the beta phase, Coinsetter’s now provides access to several account funding options through compliance-approved bank transfers and highly secure Bitcoin transfers.

In addition to superior trade execution, our platform also offers protective Bitcoin security features through Securicoin that shield your account and Bitcoins.

The email and live phone support Coinsetter previously provided from its New York City headquarters will still be available to the exchange’s customers.


However, there is a change worth noticing: to celebrate the launch, “Coinsetter’s trade fees have been reduced to industry-leading levels, with the commission charged on trades now extending to as low as 0.10% for the most active users“, the company announced.

“By expanding our platform’s capabilities, we now offer an institutional-class, plug-and-play package for Bitcoin ATMs, Bitcoin payment processors, brokerages and other businesses that need to connect to a Bitcoin exchange for liquidity”, the exchange reveals. Still, this feature set isn’t just a plus for Bitcoin businesses, as the transformation benefits traders, as well.

Coinsetter’s CEO Jaron Lukasiewicz  (quoted by MarketWatch) says that ”Coinsetter’s early focus was to support active traders with a best-in-class trading platform. Although we succeeded in building a trading platform with outstanding technology and services, over the past few months we have extended the scope of our development to support the growing group of Bitcoin users and companies that demand access to a reliable API and deep Bitcoin liquidity”.

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