A little while back I reported on a fascinating project I had been following. I have continued to follow this project with interest. As the world’s first Bitcoin-powered pay-per-character publishing platform, Bitcoin Megaphone peaked my interest. Truly innovative and original ideas in the space can be difficult to come by, even with so much happening.

Bitcoin Megaphone, the cutting-edge micro-publishing platform, has just unveiled its affiliate program. The program works by instantly paying affiliates 30% of the profits generated by referrals. Since Bitcoin Megaphone uses Coinbase as its merchant platform, the affiliate transactions happen off-blockchain and without fees.

What is most fascinating, and only really possible because of Bitcoin itself, is that all that’s required to sign up for the affiliate program is an email address. If someone wanted to set up an anonymous Coinbase account, he or she could accumulate funds from Bitcoin Megaphone via Coinbase, and transfer them to an external Bitcoin address at any time completely anonymously.

This is the kind of exploitation of the unique aspects of Bitcoin itself that has fascinating implications and ramifications. In an environment where the push towards mainstream adoption is making anonymity somewhat of a dirty word, Bitcoin Megaphone have sought to embrace that aspect of the technology in a useful and innovative implementation. What is more, anonymity here, it is difficult to argue, has anything but benefit for the user.

Added Bitcoin Megaphone creator, Mike Solomon:

“Unlike many affiliate programs where earnings slowly trickle in, the earning potential here is huge. For example, if a Bitcoin Millionaire decides to spend a few hundred dollars on a big post, you can easily start making real money instantly. Besides gambling, there’s really no way you can easily make so much bitcoin so easily.”

Before the affiliate program, the only way to make money on Bitcoin Megaphone was by creating a post and collecting tips. But according to Solomon, people wanted another way to monetize.

“Since the site launched, I’ve gotten so much support from people who love the idea but didn’t think they could post anything interesting enough to generate tips. The affiliate program finally offers these people the chance to make money without having to spend money. It’s a way for everyone to get involved.”

A signup form for the Bitcoin Megaphone affiliate program can be found here.

Since Bitcoin Megaphone launched in March 2014, hundreds of people have anonymously posted jokes, advertisements, art, conspiracy theories, commentary, and more for .00001 BTC per character – all in the hopes of earning tips. As of July 2014 it has generated more than 75 bitcoin in anonymous tips for its authors.

Bitcoin Megaphone was created as a side project by Mike Solomon, who lives in New York where he works as Digital Director for Glamour Magazine at Condé Nast Publications. Condé Nast Publications is in no way affiliated with Bitcoin Megaphone.

I will continue to watch the work of this micro-blogging platform, in the hopes that they continue to innovate in exciting ways with Bitcoin’s infrastructure. To incentivize people to contribute while allowing the same users to maintain full anonymity, as they collect tips, is purely in the spirit of Bitcoin.

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