Coinalytics, Bonafide, GogoCoin, Monetsu and Neuroware. These are the five Bitcoin-related firms chosen by the early-stage startup accelerator and investor 500 Startups to integrate the organization’s latest growth program.

These cryptocurrency-related companies are among the 29 firms that made the most recent list of chosen startups. They will receive up to $250,000 in funding, as well as mentorship and guidance from industry professionals.

500-startups-asia-315x157While Coinalytics, which will receive $100,000 from 500 Startups and plans to launch its services in August, works with Bitcoin analytics and ‘big data’ research connected to the cryptocurrency industry, Bonafide develops community-based fraud prevention tools for Bitcoin and other altcoins.

GogoCoin, one of Coinbase’s partners, provides prepaid cards in order to make the process of buying Bitcoins easier. On the other side, Monetsu created secure payment Bitcoin solutions, allowing the users to connect securely with other networks without providing private information.

Lastly, Nueroware (also known as the “WordPress of Bitcoin”) is developing an open source solution for digital currencies that will allow its users to create community-based projects to explore the world of cryptocurrency.

500 Startups was founded by former PayPal executive Dave McLure and has already invested in hundreds of young companies.

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