In an unexpected marketing move, the Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer Butterfly Labs anonymously bought the well-known website Buttcoin.org. The domain is famous for its criticism and funny approach on serious cryptocurrency-related matters, but the situation seems to have changed with the recent acquisition.

The biggest example is the change in one of Buttcoin.org’s most famous stories: previously an online search for “butterfly labs scam” would return a very special link from Buttcoin. That link revealed an article entitled “The $22,484.00 Butterfly Labs Mini Rig Bitcoin miner is a huge, broken, unstable piece of s***”, which claimed to reveal the “truth” about Butterfly Labs’ hardware based on user reports.

Now it simply shows a story with the headline “The $22,484.00 Butterfly Labs Mini Rig Bitcoin miner is a sexy Bitcoin mining machine”.

But that is not all. The previous owner of the website, Evan (he did not reveal his surname so far), took to Reddit to explain how the sale went down. “I don’t want to go to specific into the terms of the sale due to some language in the contract that is tricky, but it was a hair into the five-figure range, yes. Nothing to change anything about my life or anything, but enough to fix some stuff around the house”, he revealed, quoted by TechCrunch.


“The site was a PR4 and had decent traffic for a blog of that type, but I would have been dumb to not take the offer. I have bought and sold websites before and knew this was an overvalued offer. However, since I had been following Bitcoiners for so long I knew most of these guys did transactions that made zero financial sense so it did not seem too unbelievable”, he added.

Evan was approached by the buyer, a man named Jeff, a while ago and only found out who he really was when he saw the change made to the Butterfly Labs article previously published on Buttcoin.org. According to Evan, the buyer is Jeff Ownby, vice-president of marketing for Butterfly Labs.

I was tricked into selling Buttcoin.org to BFL and no longer have access to the site so I’ve set up camp on the sub-Reddit instead so I can s***post about Bitcoins still.

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