Austral-Asia Bitcoin Expo

The Asia-Pacific is about to be served up a slice of crypto heaven.

Enthusiasts in Europe and the Americas can take their pick of exciting events. For those on the other side of the world, well, it’s slim pickings. This July CryptoCon aims to bridge the gap.

Broadly the event will focus on Cryptocurrency as ‘The Internet of Money’. This means developments on higher-level blockchain technologies will also be showcased.

The dialogue in the space is moving rapidly, so the event will give fair weight to both Bitcoin and the next chapter of blockchain technologies.

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The events will be held:

  • Sydney: July 24th – 25th at the Park Royal Hotel, Darling Harbour.
  • Singapore: July 28th – 29th at the Rendezvous Hotel.

The Speakers:

CryptoCon, in association with Bitcoin Australia, will bring together entrepreneurs, investors, developers and enthusiasts from both sides of the equator. Some of the speakers include:

Many more have confirmed. Full speakers lists are here.

Events Format:

With Bitcoin ATM’s opening up across the region, Bitcoin IPO’s on the Australian Stock Exchange and a flurry of startup activity regionally, Bitcoin is on a direct path to the mainstream.

This event will look at the opportunities stemming from Bitcoin and its core innovation, the blockchain.

This technology opens up a world of possibilities and a wealth of opportunity. It represents the birth of a new Internet.

The present activity is SE Asia and Australia is dynamic. CryptoCon will showcase the most inspiring parts of this regional space.

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