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A few weeks spent travelling across the United States using only Bitcoin to pay for every expense: this was how Catherine Bleish and John Bush spent the last seven days, accompanied by their two kids. The couple, both well-known Bitcoin activists, took their family of four on an “Uncoinventional” Living Tour from San Marcos, in Texas, to Washington DC, in order to attend the conference Bitcoin in the Beltway.

The family’s next destination is New York City. Here, they will stay at the Holiday Inn in Brooklyn, the center for the Bitcoin Pilot Program.

“This is the first time a family with children has done anything close to this. What started as a small hair-brained idea has blown up into something really exciting for our family and the Bitcoin community. We are thrilled to show the practical side of the digital currency and encourage others to use Bitcoin in their everyday lives”, said Catherine Bleish, quoted by The Bitcoin Magazine.


So far the family has used different Bitcoin-friendly services to pay for expenses like gas, accomodation or food. Gyft, one of the largest Bitcoin gift card providers, is one of the “tools” used more frequently. Bleish and Bush have used the service to purchase gift cards for a variety of stores and restaurants, for instance. Expedia, which recently started accepting Bitcoin, has been used to book hotel rooms along the way.

After NYC, the family will continue their journey in direction to New Hampshire, where they will be attending Porcfest, one of the largest events held for people interested in the liberty movement.

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