Love Will Inc., the creators of the Pheeva Wallet, have launched an exciting new feature aimed at simplifying the user experience and boosting Bitcoin adoption. Last week, the company unveiled Pheeva Plus throughout their existing iPhone and Android bitcoin wallet applications. More than a month ago Pheeva made its debut as the only bitcoin wallet that followed Apple’s restrictive rules. The company took an uncommon route to be able to provide iOS compatibility, which consisted of long conversations with Apple and setting up the COG Cooperative (Cycle of Goodness) to be sure the application was following the “rules.”

Users who are part of the COG Cooperative receive some great benefits including access to the organization’s in-house applications, future revenue sharing and exclusive discounts. The organization is based on the power of numbers, focusing on the idea “united we are powerful and that power can wield change that benefits all of us.” The COG allows users to share Coin!Ds, offering increased sharability between users who join and gain access to the Pheeva wallet. Coin!Ds allow users to easily set up and send virtual currency.

The process of downloading Pheeva Wallet is a bit unconventional and requires users to sign up for the cooperative before downloading the application. After completing the free sign-up, users are given a link to download the application, which is featured on the Play Store but not available for direct download on the App Store. But for those iPhone users who didn’t crush their phone after the Blockchain debacle, Pheeva gives all the functionality and security for iOS users looking to spend their digital cash.

Pheeva has become one of the most popular mobile wallets in the bitcoin space and by continuously adding features, the company is retaining and growing its user-base. Lamar Wilson, CEO of Love Will Inc. stated:

“Pheeva Plus adds value to our critically acclaimed wallet offering through partnerships we are developing with some of the largest brands in the cryptocurrency space. We have every confidence that, as it matures and more partners come on board, the Pheeva Wallet and Pheeva Plus will be instrumental in increasing the adoption of bitcoin across a much wider audience. Best of all, it means more opportunities for you, and more ways to enjoy the freedom of using bitcoin.”

The company landed its first partnership with digital gift card giant Gyft, which will allow the wallet to add new levels of utility and usability to new and existing users. Having tried Pheeva Plus Gyft, I was incredibly satisfied with how seamless and simple the transaction was. This partnership has huge implications to further promotion of frictionless payments, helping Pheeva users spend their bitcoin in more places in a more timely manner. The transaction was complete in seconds and I could easily send it to a friend, or selfishly keep my new gift card for myself.

In addition to Pheeva Plus, the company also announced an infrastructure partnership with Blockcypher, a cloud-optimized blockchain platform that powers a variety of bitcoin applications. Love Will Inc. and Blockcypher are working together to find the best ways to utilize their combined back-end architectures to achieve increased transaction speed and reliability. For Pheeva, these partnerships will surely be instrumental in the mobile wallet platform’s continued growth and user adoption. “Beyond Gyft, we at Love Will are constantly working to add other brands, apps and features. Count on other announcements in the near future,” Wilson stated in the announcement.

It is an exciting time for Pheeva, and furthermore, the Bitcoin community. As more and more companies establish their position in the market and create innovative technologies based on the blockchain, new users and merchants will realize just how simple and advantageous Bitcoin has become. The individuals at Love Will Inc. are doing exciting things to make this happen.


Check out and sign up for the COG Cooperative for access to these new features.

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