Menufy – latest food delivery provider to start accepting bitcoin.

The site provides online ordering for restaurants across the US. Menufy has integrated with Coinbase. Users can now pay for delivery or takeout orders using Bitcoin.

The site boasts close to 400 locations across the US and is constantly adding new locations.

Menufy offers an online presence for websites and a platform to increase their takeout and delivery business. For users, Menufy boasts an unparalleled user experience.

The team at Menufy ranges from restaurant management to software engineering and interactive marketing.

As Menufy is always looking to increase the number of restaurants on offer and geographical reach, interested food service businesses are encouraged to make contact with the team at Menufy. They have experience in the complex nature of the restaurant business and offer visibility for restaurants on the Internet.

For the basic services, there is no cost outside of a 2.5% + $.30 credit card processing fee. With Bitcoin, obviously this is not a concern. Orders paid in cash are processed free of charge.


Customers are directly charged a $1.25 convenience fee. Merchants can absorb this fee if they wish to offer free online ordering to their customers. In this case $1.25 is subtracted from the credit card order total, before making the deposit into the merchant bank account.

With Bitcoin merchants have an exciting new option for payment to work with. This option can reduce their costs of working even further. As merchants become used to this payment system, no doubt they will be passing on savings to customers for Bitcoin payments.

Once a merchant restaurant goes live with their website, delivery and takeout orders are fully automated and simple.

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