Coinstance is a new website that informs, in a single window and on each minute, the quotes of various Altcoins in relation to BTC.

Even though the appearance is not sophisticated, Coinstance performs its function very well, allowing users to track the % variation of 80 altcoins so far.

An interesting function is the color system, which allows the user to quickly view the value of the coins.

GREEN coins have a value above 1 USD
YELLOW coins have a value between 0.01 and 1 USD
ORANGE coins have a value between 0.001 and 0.01 USD
RED coins have a value less than 0.001 USD


Now, if you are interested in tracking your portfolio of altcoins and their market values, the choice is to use CoinFinance, a service that offers the opportunity for users to set up their portfolio with currently 110 cryptocurrencies. Very useful for anyone who trades digital coins in exchanges or uses paper wallets.

By presenting a doughnut chart, the proportion and amount of each digital currency in your portfolio is visually displayed. Next to it, a table shows the coins in your portfolio, their equivalent prices in BTC, the variance of the values in relation to previous quotes, as well as it informs the total value of altcoins in BTC, USD and EUR.

Coinfinance logo

If the altcoin you use is not available, it is possible to send a message on the contact page, requesting its inclusion.


The Snap It! button captures a snapshot of your portfolio and presents a graph of the portfolio financial health at the moment.

By making a combined use of the two sites, the user shall have a great set of tools to monitor the fluctuation of his altcoins portfolio.

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