Many individuals just discovering bitcoin have a hard time wrapping their head around the concept of the blockchain and “Bitcoin 2.0.”

The uses of the blockchain expand into more applications than money. These include storing any records, DACs (Decentralized Autonomous Corporations), and for the first time ever in human history, the ability to create an unforgeable document. There are many other facets of the blockchain technology that have yet to be discovered.

The Seattle “Bitcoin4biz” Payment Summit will explore the technology behind the blockchain that is often neglected or misunderstood by those who are only focused on bitcoin as a currency.

On the event website, it chiefly states:

“The Bitcoin4biz Payment Summit will allow attendees to explore Bitcoin 2.0 and other cryptocurrency technology. The Summit will answer the questions business people have about bitcoin and other expanding payment systems. The Summit will kick-off the night before with a network reception for attendees to engage with other professionals, business owners, business advisors, and technologists. The agenda is focused on topics to help business move forward with the adoption of the fastest growing payment solutions. Merchant Solutions, Mobile Payments, Expanding Payment Methods, Virtual Currency Guidance, Emerging Global Payment, Securing Bitcoin, Liquidity of Math-Based Currency, Exchange Methods and Hands on Workshops to help buy, secure, sell, spend, and accept alternative payments.”

The Seattle Bitcoin Summit will begin with Chairman, Jonathan Johnson III on September 28 – 29. Johnson will join Bitcoin pioneers  Roger Ver, Tony Gallippi, Charlie Lee, Patrick Murck, David Johnston and Matt Roszak to be part of  a conference aimed toward providing an understanding of Bitcoin 2.0 and many new Bitcoin Blockchain innovations.

Overall, it is the perfect opportunity meet the people who are knowledgeable about Bitcoin and are very good at explaining it. I’ve met some of these speakers in person in other cities. It is not uncommon to meet bitcoiners who are undoubtedly knowledgeable about the topic but have trouble explaining it in simple terms.

Since this is the first major Bitcoin Summit in the great northwest region of the United States, you can expect a different experience than other conferences. It is also the first one centered solely around Bitcoin 2.0 applications and the “next generation of payments.”

The talks will explore innovative alternative cryptocurrency opportunities including the many practical applications in the  business world from Susan Hitch, CFO of D Hotels and Edward Clements from BitBrew, a company that provides fresh coffee for people to buy with bitcoins.

Seattle Bitcoin Summit will take place on the day prior to the largest Digital Retailer Technology event,, in downtown Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center.

Bitcoin conferences continuously take place around the world, and play a huge role in bitcoin adoption and education. In addition, they help build relationships within the bitcoin community. In fact, I myself have made many friends and colleagues at bitcoin conferences. When dealing with virtual currency, it may be easy to forget that we are still living in a real world. The Seattle Bitcoin Summit will help merge our physical world with the virtual world that houses the blockchain.

Check out the event website.


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