Weeks ago, it seemed that Dubai may have been turning into a major Bitcoin hub. An image released on various social media platforms and news sources depicted upwards of 400 Bitcoin ATMs in a warehouse, with headlines like “Dubai About to Roll Out 400 Bitcoin ATMs.” However, later that week, the UAE Department of Economic Development stated that they have not issued any Bitcoin licences thus far. But Bitcoin is still making its mark in Dubai.

Early this week, the first official Bitcoin ATM made its debut in the heart of Dubai’s financial district. In conjunction, an exciting two-day event will begin on April 20. Cointalks Dubai is organized by The Online Project (TOP), and will be one of the first Bitcoin events to take place in the region and will provide an in depth look at Bitcoin and digital currencies. Cointalks Dubai is a community-driven event that will bring cryptocurrency enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors and professionals together.

The main event will take place at Impact Business Hub on April 21, with a special invite only event taking place on April 20 at The Capital Club in the Dubai International Financial Center. The event at Impact Business Hub is free to attend and will begin at 7:30 PM the night of the 21st. Among the event’s partners are Resronaut, Impact Hub, Wamda, Entrepreneurs Organization, The Capital Club, Endeavor, Arabnet and Bitcoin meetups across the Middle East.

The first day’s events at The Capital Club are invite only and will serve as an introduction to Bitcoin and digital currency, featuring Juan Llanos. As an experienced Compliance Officer, Llanos will also speak regarding the financial and regulatory environment of Bitcoin. The conference taking place on April 21 will feature some of the region’s pioneers of Bitcoin technology.

Topics to be covered at Cointalks Dubai include exchanges, the value of Bitcoin, security, and Bitcoin mining. Explaining these topics will be professionals across the Bitcoin community. Speakers will include AML/Regulatory Compliance expert, Juan Llanos, who’s also actively working as an advisor and investor in the cryptocurrency space; Bruce Fenton, Board Member of the Bitcoin Association. Cointalks Dubai will also feature David El Achkar, Co-Founder and CEO of Nyle and Bitcoin Lebanon; Bitcoin Jordan Group Co-Founder Ola Doudin; Sergey Yusupov of First Mobile Wallet; Co-founder of Bitcoin Jordan Group and CashBasha Fouad Jeryes, and Christopher LaBorde, Consultant at C. Works Engineering.

Cointalks Dubai will be the first organized event of its kind in the region, and will bring leaders in the cryptocurrency space together to promote larger adoption and understanding of Bitcoin in Dubai. Although we won’t likely see 400 Bitcoin ATMs in Dubai in the near future, Cointalks Dubai will work to combine emerging technology with an emerging city.

As more and more businesses, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts get a grasp on Bitcoin and digital currency, there will be an ever increasing amount of conferences to attend. Much like other technological innovations, the community will expand with the amount of information. Although many legislators and lawmakers have yet to weigh in on the future of Bitcoin, the community of Bitcoin businesses and individuals promoting conferences such as Cointalks Dubai see Bitcoin as a necessary technology, one that could ignite change in the global economy.


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