A poll carried out by Morning Consult in the United States in the beginning of July has now revealed which ethnicity is most likely to have heard of Bitcoin and have a bigger understanding of the cryptocurrency. According to the survey, which asked a large sample of people about their knowledge of and attitudes towards digital money, the ethnicity that conquered the first place is the hispanic American group.

The numbers actually reveal a striking difference: while 21 percent of hispanic Americans “a lot” about Bitcoin, only eight percent of whites and seven percent of African Americans could say the same.

The hispanics are the ethnic group most likely to consider that Bitcoin should be allowed by the government as a means to purchase goods and services, the website National Review reports.

Also, 23 percent of hispanics admitted they were “very likely” to buy and use Bitcoin.  This is around three times as many as any other group polled in the same survey.

The results might be explained by the fact that the hispanic group has a younger age average. Also, some Hispanic Americans are immigrants or have relatives living in another country and are starting to see the advantages of using Bitcoin to transfer money between countries, avoiding the huge fees of the remittances market.

Image from Wikimedia

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