Grooveshark just announced great news for the Bitcoin community: the online music streaming is now accepting cryptocurrency payments for its premium services.

The platform – founded in 2006 in the United States and owned by the Escape Media Group – can be used for free, but to fully enjoy all Grooveshark’s features the users have to pay for the premium package, which costs 5$ per month or $50 per annum. Now this value can be paid using Bitcoin.

The paid service includes unlimited ad-free streaming, customizable site skins, Android app and jailbroken iOS app, a desktop app, crossfade and visualizers, as well as extended library space.

The news was shared by Grooveshark on Bitcoin’s Reddit and the reaction was extremely positive. Some Redditors revealed they had previously contacted the platform asking if they could pay for their premium package with digital money: it sure looks like the company listened to the requests.

Besides, several Bitcoiners that paid for the service in the meantime confirmed on Reddit that the process is being processed as a direct transfer – in other words, the transaction is not being handled by a third-party payment processor -, which could mean that Grooveshark is holding on to their freshly received cryptocoins.

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