When I first had contact with info on Nikola Tesla, many years ago, my mind just blew up.

My questions at that time were like: How could a true genius with light-years ahead inventions be simply forgot by common history?

I decided to dig more info and suddenly I understood why…

In fact, the beginning of his fall started with Tesla working for Edison. While Tesla wanted to make to world a better place, Edison was worried about filling his pockets and banking accounts, by patenting and selling his poor inventions. Yes, poor… if we compare inventions of Tesla and Edison, the creations of Edison crumble to dust. Although a dust converted to gold…

The end of the free world that Nikola Tesla was trying to bring was due to JP Morgan’s ambition. After Tesla explained to JP Morgan about one of his greatest inventions and how it could provide wireless electricity for the whole world, Morgan pronounced the unforgettable question: “How to measure this electricity to bill it?”

Tesla Tower

The result of this we all know (or at least, experience it). Tesla’s tower was never completed, he died alone and CIA invaded his hotel room and stole most of Tesla’s inventions.

Now we pay a high price for electricity, our world is being destroyed to produce such energy and we are about 200 or more years behind the technology level we could have.

Well, at least us, the people, because the elite has access to all usurped knowledge and is, indeed, using many of them for its own objectives.

Yes, Nikola Tesla is gone, his inventions, sacked, but his will persists today more than ever!

Now, 71 years after he passed away, a team of four crypto-developers, entitled Team Tesla, keeps on sustaining the ideal of a balanced world, like Tesla, Schauberger and many other did. But this time, by using the power of cryptocurrency as a tool to build a new economy and a new culture, more oriented to a whole spectrum welfare.

And the first step to accomplish this has already been taken!

Teslacoin – TES – is a scrypt digital currency (that can be mined by using CPU or GPU) named Teslacoin because of Tesla, the man who envisioned free power for all people.

TES splash


As Jim C, Team Tesla Project Manager says, “Now you can use power to create the ability to pay for itself”.

TES is a fast coin, with a block time of 30 seconds, taking only three minutes to confirm six transactions. The total amount in market will be 299,792,458 Teslacoins.

For the miners, each block rewards 172 TES, with a 18.56% reduction in block time every 30 days. According to Jim C, “this block reduction has several benefits, like increasing mining lifespan, thus helping to slow market flood and making TES a bit scarcer”.

Another good feature implemented in TES is the Proof of Stake (PoS), which rewards saver users with 1% every 30 days. Applying composite interests to this calculation, PoS advantages appear.

Let’s say you have 50,000 TES. By letting it in your wallet for 36 months, those originally 50,000 would turn into 71,538.44 TES. Add an increasing market value during this period of time and the result might surprise many people.

TES is oriented to be mined and used absolutely free from corporate control… Mined with free electricity and used to enhance free power for all.

While it may not a reality for everyone right now, there are many examples around the world that already produces more electricity than it consumes. And that is by using renewable sources, like solar or wind. If we combine Teslacoin with real free energy devices, like Muammer Yildiz Generator or other free energy technologies – already existent but commercially boycotted – the future of Teslacoin becomes brighter.

Have you imagined your electric / HHO car or motorcycle mining TES while you drive? For sunny places, you can even transport your mining gear wherever you want, by using a solar miner like SolarMiner USB2.

Most of Tesla’s creations used electromagnetism generated by High Voltage. Besides wireless electricity, it was applied to many other fields such as radio wave broadcasting (Marconi did recognized that Tesla was the real inventor), demolition, geological prospection, weather manipulation (see HAARP and how it was turned into a weapon by US Navy and, after that, by many other countries) and the list goes…

That is due to Nikola Tesla’s relationships between his experiments and natural forces in balance with the planet. For him, Earth and its inhabitants are a whole unit. The origin of Tesla’s ideas is on Earth’s resonance and vibration.

Another study performed by him was related to earthquake detection.

Aligned with this, Team Tesla is supporting with 50.000,00 TES an inventor, on Indiegogo, that is proposing an earthquake detection device based on the model developed by Nikola Tesla.

Below is the video about the device.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Another company, A&P Electronic Media, also believes in TES potential and is currently accepting Teslacoins as payment for its books, along with Bitcoin and Litecoin.

As it seems, Teslacoin came to stay. It is focused on those researching and developing Tesla’s ideas – as well as other “free the people” technologies, and the more we take steps towards the use of renewable and free energy, the more TES get stronger. And being Teslacoin a coin with Proof of Stake, it will be great to keep them in the wallet and watch they grow in the long run.

It is indeed a great future.

TES - Teslacoin banner

Encryption Scrypt Algorithm
Block time 30 seconds
Total coins 299,792,458
PoW 172 coins/block
PoS 1% every 30 days
Block reduction 18.56% every 30 days
Premine 3% for promotion and development of tools and services
Wallet https://www.mediafire.com/?7a8dah2qap07djx
Official website http://teslacoins.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Teslacoins/543152232447490
Twitter https://twitter.com/teslacoins
Reddit http://www.reddit.com/r/Tesla_coin
BitcoinTalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=419494.0
Pools http://tes.minebig.com
Block Crawler http://www.dencoinpools.com/tesla/blockcrawler/block_crawler.php
Exchanges OpenexCoinedup

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